Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s 2015

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Are you trying to figure out what to do for New Year’s or wonder where you can go to celebrate the holiday? There are dozens of top travel attractions around the world that hosts a number of New Year’s activities, entertainment and more for all party goers. You can find places that perfect for big and small celebrations that suit your needs. A great way to start your new year is to consider a place with a refreshing new atmosphere.

You can plan a low key celebration with your significant other or plan to crash a party with some friends. Some of the world’s top travel destinations offer all sorts of excitement to help you celebrate New Year’s. The good news is if you do your homework on where you can travel, you can save big with travel packages offering deep discounts.

When you don’t want to stay at home consider the following options for your next New Year’s Day celebration.

Paris, France.


Most people have never seen the Eiffel Tower in person, especially around New Year’s. This can be a great backdrop to your celebration plans as a number of streets near by host parties with food, fun and entertainment to help you ring in the new year. The skyline is lit with fireworks at midnight. Cabarets, bars and restaurants offer plenty of conversation and relaxation for all types of party goers, including those who want to celebrate low key.


New York City, NY.


This place screams New Year’s as thousands of people flock to Time Square for the annual ball drop. Aside from this attraction New York City hosts a number of restaurants, hotel and bar options in close proximity to a number of fun entertainment options including movies, theatre shows and other forms of live entertainment.


Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.


Not only does this place feature beautiful views of rushing waters, it hosts one of the biggest New Year’s celebrations known in the region. People can visit Queen Victoria Park and enjoy live entrainment and a beautiful fireworks display. This event is free for all to attend.


Las Vegas, NV.

las vegas

Las Vegas is home to a number of popular casinos, hotels and resorts. There are number of live shows and presentations by celebrities and various entertainment options for party and music concert goers.       Don’t forget to check out the famous fireworks display that blasts off at midnight on the strip.


Sydney, Australia.


The land of down under rings in the New Year with something for everyone. From the Opera House to the Harbor, you can find parties and places for great viewing of the night’s sky featuring a large fireworks display at midnight. You can even rent a boat and have your own private space in the water to celebrate with friends and family.


Napa Valley, California.

Napa Valley

If you love wine and the great outdoors you may find this option relaxing and fun. There are a number of hotels and resorts that offer wine tasting experiences and parties for New Years. You can choose to enjoy a delicious five-course dinner at the Grand Barrel Room along with a masquerade ball. There are restaurants with private sitting areas featuring luxury accommodations for those who want to celebrate low key.


The Bahamas.


Many people consider this a vacation hot spot, but what about for spending your New Year’s celebration?       The Atlantis is a popular spot for party goers but it is also a great family-friendly option with events for all ages to enjoy to ring in the New Year. There are street parades and performers, great food and music, and gatherings at area beaches just before the fireworks begin.


Vienna, Austria.


The largest city in Austria hosts a huge New Year’s bash with plenty of toffee apples and wine.       Party goers can start the fun at 2 p.m. and party until midnight. St. Stephen’s Cathedral chimes beautiful bells to help usher in the New Year followed by fireworks by the Danube Bridge.


Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

This area is the leader when it comes to visual effects and lights shows. Pyrotechnic shows here are well known around New Years with the show of lights being featured among over 40 buildings along the skyline. The area features bars and fun nightlife activities to help you start your celebration including the busy Time Square area.

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