10 Romantic Things to Do in the UK

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Some traditions never get tired. If you are having a modern relationship, maybe it’s time to throw a few traditional romantic ideas into the mix. Without a doubt, flowers and chocolates always work out and candlelit dinners have their own special place, these are my personal favourites too.

If you are living in the UK, there are various romantic things you can do while being in this beautiful and captivating royal country. No, you don’t have to wait for the Valentine’s Day, allow me to discuss top 10 romantic things to do in the UK.


Catch A Performance At Barbican Centre 

Trust me London has something new to offer no matter when you are visiting this beautiful city. This is one single element that makes it one of the most visited cities in the world. Get two tickets for the Barbican Centre (architecturally popular centre). Here, you get to spend some quality time with your beloved while you enjoy the world class arts. It also comprises of three cinemas, a concert hall, two art galleries, two trade exhibition halls, and two theatres.


Purchase Some Bling

Gifting your beloved custom made jewellery is one of the most romantic ideas. You can get it made in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Here, you will come across various amazing jewellery shops including – Alice Gow Designs, Adamas Antique Jewellery, Artisan Alchemy Gallery, Aspire Jewellers, Beo London, Bond Jewellery & Diamonds, and Bullring Jewellery. You can visit any of these shops to have a piece created as per your specifications and above all, it is quite cheap. Gifting a custom made jewellery will certainly make your lover feel special and loved.


Enjoy A Romantic Getaway At Suffolk

Despite being located close to London, Suffolk manages to hold a classy feel, steeped in history, and rural beauty. With its gorgeous coastline, sleepy villages, and bustling market towns, Suffolk is surely an enchanting place to spend a weekend with your beloved.


When it comes to romantic destinations in Suffolk, this place packs in various surprises for the visitors. You can choose from a great variety including – The Odd Cottage in Lavenham, Cobblers in Nayland, Meddlars in Hadleigh, Water Cottage in Kersey, Malt Cottage in Nayland. Every cottage is made in a way that it soothes your soul, mesmerising & romantic interiors, breathtaking views around the cottages, and offers a perfect opportunity to laze around and have a quality time with your partner.


Enjoy Being A Lord And Lady Of The Castle

Your itinerary is incomplete without exploring numerous castle and castle ruins that the UK has to offer. The fact that these castles are turned into hotels makes them more interesting and a must visit. Just picture a room having a roaring fire ancient stone walls, and baronial hangings. Moreover, despite the fact that most of these hotels come under boutique hotel genre, you will still manage to find striking bathrooms, poster beds, breathtaking landscaped views and moats, enough to set a romantic mood.


You get to explore all these castles while you walk hand in hand with your beloved. Get to know more about the history of these fascinating ancient fortifications. Make sure you have visited – Hazlewood Castle, Langley Castle, Amberley Castle, Walworth Castle, Thornbury Castle, and Peckforton Castle.


Enjoy A Leisure Stroll On The Beach

There is nothing romantic than walking along the beach holding each other’s hand while the cool breeze kisses your hair and serene sound of the water offers you eternal bliss. Carved out by the wind and by the glaciers of the ice age, the UK has an abundance of some of the picturesque beaches in the world.

Every beach here is known for its white sand, clear blue water, and lush green surroundings, take my word for it these beaches are way more than beautiful. Let me mention the places with some of the gorgeous beaches – Old Grimsby on Tresco, Barafundle Way in Wales, Porthcurno in South Cornwall, Alum Bay in The Isle of Wight, and Brighton Beach in East Sussex.


Go On A Boat Trip

Enjoy cruising the popular Thames in Oxford offering you a taste of slower life while you share private moments. Oxford River Cruises will take you on river trips on the Thames in Oxford. These will also include, short champagne cruises, lunchtime picnics, and evening dining trips as well.


Along the way, you get to witness the nature at its best, Christ Church Meadow, Folly Island, the Eights Weeks Rowing Course, and the college boathouses. Rest assured with Oxford River Cruises, together you will be able to explore the river life and spend some unforgettable moments.


Lose Yourselves In A Maze

You can find some creatively made hedge mazes and these are not just family attractions. Around four hundred years ago, these mazes used to be one of the preferred places for secret lovers. Between the thick walls of these hedges, you will surely find a place for snogging.


If this sounds like a good idea, make sure you have visited – Leeds Castle (Loveliest Castle), The aMazing Hedge Puzzle, Peace Maze, York Maze, Hedge Maze at Longleat, Splashing Water Maze, and Hampton Court Maze.


Romance Each Other In The Lakes

The best part of the UK is that it stays unfailingly romantic throughout the year. With its numerous hills, falls, dramatic lakes, and landscapes, this country offers so many places where both of you can have a cozy time together. Speaking of dramatic lakes, there is an endless list of some of the atmospheric lakes.


Windermere (surrounded by heathery hills and beautiful gardens) is one of the romantic lakes in the UK. Lake in Buttermere, Cumbria is known to offer picture-perfect surroundings and you will find plenty of dramatic falls and you can also explore the highest waterfall of the Lake District. Travel towards Loch Lomond, Scotland to witness the largest lake in the UK. This lake is frequently visited by the watersports enthusiasts and boating lovers.


Explore Some Of The Beautiful Flowers Together

The grounds of Royal Hospital Chelsea turns into a gorgeous horticultural display for the Chelsea Flower Show. Everybody love flowers and you get to see some of the popular garden designers, florists, and plant specialists come together at one stage. This flower show will give both of you an opportunity to share some beautiful moments and above all you get to do it in the company of some of the beautiful flowers, this will certainly make these moments more special and worth cherishing.


Explore the award-winning gardens, see rare plants & flowers, and learn about the emerging gardening trends. Here, you get to witness creative artworks and unusual displays. You can also purchase some horticultural products and gardening gadgets as well.


Enjoy Riding In Style With A Morgan Car

Both of you can enjoy a factory tour of the Morgan Motor Car Factory in Malvern Link. You can also pre-book your Morgan car and take your beloved to explore the holiday routes and the beautiful countryside. On your way, you can halt for a while to capture the nature at its best and also click pictures together with a perfect backdrop. No matter where you go when you are accompanying each other, you will surely have a great time.


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