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Travel Friendz is a niche social networking and online dating site with emphasis on Travel Dating. Our aim is to make Travel Friendz the first site that comes to mind when you decide to fulfill your dreams of adventure and excitement through travelling with a gorgeous companion. The two of you will make your own memories together while seeing major European cities the way they were meant to be appreciated. Maybe you are more ambitious and you dream of assembling your very own team of long distance runners to enter the London Marathon. Travel Friendz can help you reach that goal.

It may be that you just love to travel but do not actually need the online dating or travel dating services that Travel Friendz provide. You will still find some very useful aspects to this site. Some of our members are not interested in travel dating. They are simply passionate about their home towns or cities and want to share with visitors the special places that are not likely to be found in a tourist guide book or a travel app. These members are excited about hosting visitors and making them feel as if they have found a new home in their travel destinations.

So whether you want to travel date or just want to travel, we invite you to sign up and join Travel Friendz free of charge today.

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One very exciting thing about living in London is that I don't have to travel around the world to meet people from the rest of the globe. I just sit back and let them come to me. They share their stories with me; I share stories about London with them and I show them my favourite parts of London. It's a win win arrangement for all concerned.

Joanne Thompson
Las Vegas
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Travel Friendz is probably the fastest growing travel dating, friendship and social networking website for single travellers in the UK & the EU.

Connect with girls and guys looking for travel companions to make a journey more fun. Meet men and women who are happy to host or show you their town or city. Browse profiles of travellers and adventure lovers looking to meet someone just like you.

Travel Friendz help you plan a trip and facilitate finding that cheap travel insurance, low cost flights or that specially discounted hotel you need.

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