Tel Aviv – A Middle Eastern Metropolis that Never Stops

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When you choose to take a trip to Tel Aviv, you will find that you have made the best of all possible holiday choices. Forget what you may have heard about this sunny location in the past because it is now one of the top vacation spots in the world. Offering white sand beaches, casinos, boutiques, exotic markets, tasty restaurants, entertaining nightlife and history filled sightseeing; Tel Aviv has more than earned the name of “the city that never stops.” There is an energy vibrating just the below surface in this city that promises fun of the highest caliber.

If you are into learning about a new culture, there is the atmospheric Old Jaffa where you can stroll at your leisure through alleyways of cobblestone stopping along the way to visit cafes and colorful, imaginative shops. Don’t forget about the many remarkable museums and leafy, green parks. In addition, you are only a hop, skip and a jump from a day trip to the Holy Lands.

Sugar Sand Beaches

panoramic view of tel aviv city in israel

One very special thing about the city of Tel Aviv is that you can be in the city one minute and strolling right onto one of the whitest beaches you have ever seen anywhere during the next minute. This is a city that you will agree has been blessed by Mother Nature when you first set eyes on those shimmering beaches with sugar white sand and crystal water. Your mornings can be spent shopping in the many chic boutiques of the city as well as sightseeing. Take a break for lunch in one of the delectable cafés and then head down to the beach for the afternoon. You may even want to put off the sightseeing and shopping for another time and just spend the whole day relaxing on the beach. There are so many miles of sea shore to explore that it is very possible for you to find a little bit of paradise just for you. On the other hand, if you are more into action, you will find plenty of things to do in the water from kayaking to windsurfing.

Shop Til You Drop

Shopping is easy in Tel Aviv. You can choose to stroll down the city streets soaking up the exotic atmosphere or go on a real spending spree. The choice is yours. To find a little of everything, Alenby Street is the place to start. Here, you will find plenty of interesting shops ranging from bookshops to bakeries. You can try the Bohemian Shenkin Street for more unique artsy shops. To spend some serious money, head to the enormous Kikar Hamedina square. It is loaded with designer names and chic boutiques. You will, of course, find lots of shopping malls where you can enjoy air conditioning as you window shop. However, you can always find shopping malls at home. It is more fun to wander through one of the many outdoor markets such as Nachlat Benyamim market where you can browse among the colourful bazaar stalls, fortune tellers and conjurers. Hear the traders as they shout “hamesh shekel kilo” at the Shook Hakarmel. This is an experience to remember.


Whatever your culinary preferences, you will find them in Tel Aviv whether that is Japanese, Thai, or Italian. However, you will obviously not want to miss sampling the delightful Israeli cuisine. Dig into a melting pot of Arabs, Bedouins, Persians, and Moroccans. An old Jewish proverb, “Eat and drink for tomorrow you may die,” is followed diligently in Tel Aviv. So you know that you are in for some true culinary treats. Watch for something called a “Chalfa” meal. This is a salad feast with spit roasted meat like lamb along with various rice choices. Don’t miss other specialties such as a sour cheese called “labane,” a sesame seed sauce called “tahini.” Another must have delicacy is “baklava,” which is a sticky nut cake. There is also the unofficial national dish of Israel called “falafel.” This consists of chickpeas or fava beans made into spicy balls. It typically served in pita bread with hummus.


Tel Aviv at Night

There is a reason that Tel Aviv is called “the city that never stops.” No matter what your preference is for a night out on the town, you are sure to find it here. This city truly never stops. Filled with an assortment of bars, you can enjoy high end cocktail lounges or loud packed clubs. These don’t usually become hopping until 11 PM or so. Depending on your stamina, you can get swept up in the crowds that are heading to one of the many clubs to party until the sun comes up. To become a part of the trend setters, the Port area is just the place as it is covered with after-dark hot clubs. On the other hand, if you are a little less energetic, you can always take a walk to the promenade. Take a chair at one of the many waterfront cafés and sip a drink while listening to the waves hitting the shores.


old jaffa

Obviously, there are some places that you will want to tour before the end of your trip. While there are many fascinating locations that you can choose from, there are also a few that you simply cannot go without visiting.

One such place is the Yehoshua Gardens at Hayarkon Park. The perfect place to get away from city heat, these lush green acres are set around a manmade lake. You can stroll through the Zapari Bird Park and enjoy the tropical gardens. For families that have children along for the trip, there are playgrounds and a miniature train.

The Azrieli Observatory is must see for those people that love a view from way up high. Set on the Azrieli Centre’s 49th floor, it holds the honor of being the Middle East’s highest observatory. Prepare for your jaw to drop when you take in the views from this place. Telescopes are on hand for you to peer through to see the amazing city skyline along with the sparkling coastline.

For the thrill seekers, there is Luna Park. This boasts the honor of being the largest funfair in Israel. If you happen to be into a bit of screaming on some heart-stopping rides, you will find plenty to choose from at this magical playground. Maybe you prefer to catch some dazzling shows. You are in luck, then, because there are many here to be enjoyed.

Then there is The White City of Bauhaus. This may be Tel Aviv’s most unexpected surprise for tourists. Located around the Rothschild Boulevard area, this 1920s architectural UNESCO site is home to more than 3,500 Bauhaus buildings. These unique whitewashed buildings stake claim to being the world’s largest collection and are not to be missed, especially if you have travelled to Tel Aviv from a long distance.

Last, but not least, there are the amazing Holy Lands. You will be awestruck when you view such cities as Bethlehem and Jerusalem. These cities are filled with some of the most impressive monuments and shrines in the world. Take in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Al Aksa Mosque located in Jerusalem on the Temple Mount. Stroll leisurely down charming and picturesque cobble streets of the Arab souk. Be sure to visit the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. It is constructed on the exact spot where the birth of Jesus took place.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are plenty of things to delight in and appreciate in Tel Aviv as well as in the surrounding areas of the city. Plan your trip carefully so that you do not miss any of these fascinating sights and activities. There is so much to take in that many people end up making more than one trip.

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