Natasha, 24 from Exeter, Devon Looking For Travel Dating


Natasha’s Characteristics

Here For: A Serious Relationship
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Other
Hair Length: Long
Height: 5’1″-5’4″
Build: Large / Full
Ethnicity: Caucasian / White
Religion: None
Marital Status: Single
Smoker: Moderate
Drinker: Social
Children: 1
Vegetarian: No
Education: Other
Occupation: Other
Income: £10,001 – £20,000

About Natasha

I am a single mother of one. Wanting to find someone who will like me for me. Not just looking for fun. I still want to have kids so someone that wants to be a father is a must.

Natasha’s Answers

What do you like to do for fun?

Swimming, going for walks, cinema, and many more things

What is your most treasured possession?

A scan photo of my son

What is your favourite place in the world to visit?

New York

Who is your greatest inspiration?

My mum

If you won the lottery what would you buy first?

A house for my family

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

A midwife

What do you like most about your job?

Making the elderly smile

What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Giving birth

Who or what do you secretly want to be?

A superhero

What would you do on a perfect Sunday?

Lazy day, just staying in my jammies watching films and snuggled under a blanket

What is the most embarrassing thing you’re willing to admit?

I walked into a glass door because I thought it was open it was that clean

Natasha is here for

A Serious Relationship.

Natasha’s Interests

Pop Music, Rock Music, Movies, Theatre, Animals, The Outdoors, Restaurants, Pubs/Clubs, TV/Radio, Internet, Cooking, Travelling and Keep Fit


How Far Can $1 Get You On a Train In Europe

Finding cheap train tickets in Europe is not difficult as there are various destinations you can travel to for just a few bucks. You will need to do your homework on trying to find really low $1 dollar rates. There is an option that lets travelers ride the train for a dollar (or Euro as it is referred to in Europe), but it often depends on where you are traveling to and from. The following details will help you get an idea on how to find really low train fares in Europe.


Can You Really Travel on a Train in Europe for Just $1?

In the Lithuania region you can take a train from the airport and ride into the Vilnius City Center where you can view beautiful sites including a castle and scenic water views. On the other hand, there are various things you can get for $1 through Europe including a baguette in France, a scoop of ice cream in Croatia, a glass of wine in Hungary and a slice of pizza in Romania. Do your research to learn more on what a dollar will get you, as you can get plenty for your buck.

Tips on Finding Affordable Train Tickets in Europe

Depending on where you want to travel you can learn about options available when you plan ahead. No matter what time of year you plan to visit Europe and ride the train you can a number of deals and discounts that include low price tickets. Here are several tips to help you grab those tickets.

  • Visit European travel websites to help you. Shop around for deals and compare. Comparing deals cannot be stressed enough. This is important because where you travel to in Europe may offer lower rates depending on when you visit and the rail company promotional offers. There are a number of railway companies throughout Europe that offer super low discounts and deals. You can find great discounts of more than 50 percent off regular price. Many deals are found for routes such as Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam.
  • If you are new to this idea you may want to take some notes and research European railway networks. From here you can consider booking agents and websites known to offer train tickets for European destinations. Learn feedback from previous travelers on their experience in booking train tickets and riding trains in the destination you want to visit. In many cases you learn valuable tips on finding cheap train tickets in Europe. Just keep in mind, rail way companies throughout the country want to have full trains, so they often provide tickets at deep discounts.
  • Just because you speak a different language or live outside of Europe doesn’t mean you can’t find a great deal.    There is European, American and British travel sites, for example, that offer discounted tickets and tips on how to find cheap tickets for your destination area. You can start with travel booking sites from your original place of origin. So, if you are American you can start with American booking sites. Take note of few deals you come across you like, and then move on to another booking site in Europe or the UK.
  • Need a ticket at the last minute? You can find that too! It is a matter of knowing which booking sites to use that offer great last minute deals for train tickets throughout Europe. This is because many railway companies look to fill seats on their trains all the time. There are rail networks throughout Europe constantly offering deep discounts.
  • Book tickets outside of Europe or use European rail operator websites. Just be cautious as to how you book your tickets and read find print details including refund policies and pre-booking details. You may need to compare options as to which way is best to book your tickets in order to see better savings.
  • Know the timing of your train ride or when you expect to take it. You can visit the website of the rail journey for the train you will ride in Europe. For instance, you can learn schedule details for the Deutsche Bahn German rail line.
  • Certain channels may be more of a challenge to book depending on where you are traveling from. London. Paris and other nearby locations may not have the option to make overnight train reservations depending on the booking agent you use. You may not have the option to receive tickets in the mail either, but again, this depends on the booking agent or travel website you use. You may be able to catch a train in France and stop off in Paris to pick up tickets for future rides.
  • When seeking great discount tickets in Europe, consider destinations outside common options. You can review train ticket information for places including Vienna, Rome, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Barcelona and others that are beyond the top tourist destinations.

Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s 2015

Are you trying to figure out what to do for New Year’s or wonder where you can go to celebrate the holiday? There are dozens of top travel attractions around the world that hosts a number of New Year’s activities, entertainment and more for all party goers. You can find places that perfect for big and small celebrations that suit your needs. A great way to start your new year is to consider a place with a refreshing new atmosphere.

You can plan a low key celebration with your significant other or plan to crash a party with some friends. Some of the world’s top travel destinations offer all sorts of excitement to help you celebrate New Year’s. The good news is if you do your homework on where you can travel, you can save big with travel packages offering deep discounts.

When you don’t want to stay at home consider the following options for your next New Year’s Day celebration.

Paris, France.


Most people have never seen the Eiffel Tower in person, especially around New Year’s. This can be a great backdrop to your celebration plans as a number of streets near by host parties with food, fun and entertainment to help you ring in the new year. The skyline is lit with fireworks at midnight. Cabarets, bars and restaurants offer plenty of conversation and relaxation for all types of party goers, including those who want to celebrate low key.


New York City, NY.


This place screams New Year’s as thousands of people flock to Time Square for the annual ball drop. Aside from this attraction New York City hosts a number of restaurants, hotel and bar options in close proximity to a number of fun entertainment options including movies, theatre shows and other forms of live entertainment.


Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.


Not only does this place feature beautiful views of rushing waters, it hosts one of the biggest New Year’s celebrations known in the region. People can visit Queen Victoria Park and enjoy live entrainment and a beautiful fireworks display. This event is free for all to attend.


Las Vegas, NV.

las vegas

Las Vegas is home to a number of popular casinos, hotels and resorts. There are number of live shows and presentations by celebrities and various entertainment options for party and music concert goers.       Don’t forget to check out the famous fireworks display that blasts off at midnight on the strip.


Sydney, Australia.


The land of down under rings in the New Year with something for everyone. From the Opera House to the Harbor, you can find parties and places for great viewing of the night’s sky featuring a large fireworks display at midnight. You can even rent a boat and have your own private space in the water to celebrate with friends and family.


Napa Valley, California.

Napa Valley

If you love wine and the great outdoors you may find this option relaxing and fun. There are a number of hotels and resorts that offer wine tasting experiences and parties for New Years. You can choose to enjoy a delicious five-course dinner at the Grand Barrel Room along with a masquerade ball. There are restaurants with private sitting areas featuring luxury accommodations for those who want to celebrate low key.


The Bahamas.


Many people consider this a vacation hot spot, but what about for spending your New Year’s celebration?       The Atlantis is a popular spot for party goers but it is also a great family-friendly option with events for all ages to enjoy to ring in the New Year. There are street parades and performers, great food and music, and gatherings at area beaches just before the fireworks begin.


Vienna, Austria.


The largest city in Austria hosts a huge New Year’s bash with plenty of toffee apples and wine.       Party goers can start the fun at 2 p.m. and party until midnight. St. Stephen’s Cathedral chimes beautiful bells to help usher in the New Year followed by fireworks by the Danube Bridge.


Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

This area is the leader when it comes to visual effects and lights shows. Pyrotechnic shows here are well known around New Years with the show of lights being featured among over 40 buildings along the skyline. The area features bars and fun nightlife activities to help you start your celebration including the busy Time Square area.

Make Your Christmas Memorable With These Travel Ideas & Deals

The United Kingdom is one of the highest spending countries during the Christmas holidays. So it is not a big surprise that the majority of tourists would like to spend their holiday in this country. Britons celebrate it very loud and there are many different Christmas events.


Christmas is the period when the average family are willing to spend good money to take a family holiday. Usually, there are many good offers if you are travelling with family. It can save you money on transportation, accommodations and other Christmas related stuff.

The most popular destinations in the tropics are the Caribbean and Mexico. If you want to spend a holiday with snow – then the Alps and Pyrenees in Europe: Italy, France, Spain or Austria. There are also very good ski resorts in the U.S. and Canada.

If you decide to travel to some warm places, then Jamaica could be a good choice for you. They offer all inclusive resorts.


Interview With Travel Blogger Charlie Jean Marchant

Charlie on Travel - The Great Wall of China

Charlie on Travel – The Great Wall of China

It is our second post of this serie where we publish an interview with popular travel blogger. Last week Elena Prokopets gave us an interview. If you are a travel blogger and have what to say our readers then we can organise an interview with you. Just get in touch with us.

Give us your full name please.

Charlie Jean Marchant


Do you have a preferred name or a nickname you like?

My friends just called me Chaz.


What nationality are you?

I’m British.


Which country do you use as your base?

Currently Costa Rica, as I’ve been house sitting there very regularly over the past 6 months. My base changes all the time though. I previously lived in Taiwan and that was my base for travel in South East Asia. Of course, home in the UK is always my base for European travel.



Charlie in Quepos

Charlie in Quepos


Which country would you like to live?

I’d really like to live in Sweden or one of the Scandanavian countries. I like the beautiful landscapes, the friendly locals, and the delicious cafe culture of places like Stockholm.


What is your favorite way of travelling?

Slow travel is by far my favourite way to travel. I really dislike rushing through places and having to plan ahead to make sure I can pack as many of the sights as possible. I like to stay in one place a long time, have lazy days in cafes, discover the places where locals like to eat and if I’m house sitting then shop in the local farmer’s markets and cook the foods I buy there. I like ambling around the streets aimlessly with no worries or time restrictions.


What is your take on travelling and sustainability?

Naturally I believe very strongly in sustainable travel, which is why I’m such an advocate of slow travel. Doing our best to ensure that we don’t negatively impact the environment is very important. Unfortunately, us travellers are guilty of increasing the carbon footprint because of the amount we travel and especially the amount that we fly. travelling slowly means that I can fly less often and I get by mostly using only local public transports (buses and trains) and I cycle and walk places as often as possible.

Travellers must also be aware of their impact on the destinations which they are travelling to. Conservation the natural environment and a country’s wildlife and preservation of the local culture are the most important things to consider when travelling. For anyone who is interested in reading more on these issues, I have compiled a list of five essential blog posts that everyone who travels should read, and I have also discussed how to enjoy wildlife responsibly and the importance of eating local when you travel.


When was the first time you travelled alone and where to?

I first travelled alone in 2010 on a cultural programme to China. Before this, I thought travelling the world was impossible.

I wrote an application for a government funded programme that sends a small number of students to China every year to learn Chinese, participate in cultural classes and explore the local area. I didn’t tell anybody about it, I thought I wouldn’t get accepted. I did get accepted.

Mui Ne Sand Dunes Charlie on Travel

Mui Ne Sand Dunes Charlie on Travel


What did you make of your first solo travel experience?

On my first solo travel experience, I found myself in Shanghai, dazed by neon lights and skyscrapers, practising Tai Chi and eating steaming bowls of noodles from street vendors. I was both daunted and captivated by the completely strange and compelling world around me. It was then that I realised that anything is possible as long as you can imagine it.


What is your most memorable travel experience and what made is so memorable?

All travel experiences are memorable in their own way, and they’re all so different. Some I remember more vividly than others, for instance eating pasta in Italy with my mum, sailing on a banca boat in El Nido, scootering through Taroko Gorge in Taiwan, hiking to the top of Mt Kościelec in Poland, paragliding in New Zealand, standing on the Great Wall of China…


What countries have you been to?

In Europe, I’ve travelled to France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Estonia. In Asia, I’ve lived in Taiwan, and travelled in China, Vietnam, Hong Kong and the Philippines. As for the rest of the world, so far I’ve visited America briefly, road-tripped in New Zealand, house sat in Costa Rica, and backpacked in Nicaragua. Panama is next on my list!

Charlie on Travel in Puriscal at the mountain house sit

Charlie on Travel in Puriscal at the mountain house sit


What country are you looking forward to visiting the most?

I always look forward to visiting everywhere but as Panama is next on my list, I’m going to say Panama! I’ll be house sitting in Boquete, which is a small mountain town surrounded by coffee plantations, this Christmas.


What do you enjoy most about travelling?

As cliche as it is, I most enjoy experiencing different cultures. I like to see different places, meet different people, try different foods and challenge myself to do new things. If you spend your whole life doing the same thing day in day out, what happens when you wake up and you’re 60 years old? Some people might be content but I just wouldn’t wake up feeling fulfilled. I want to wake up knowing that I saw everything I could and tried everything I could.


How do you prepare for a new travel experience?

I always begin by panicking. Once I get that out of the way, I set up a Google doc spreadsheet to keep track of my travel budget and expenses. Travelling with a small budget means that this is essential. I do a bit of online research to work out the most expensive areas and then the cheaper places in a country, and make a note of it. I always search HappyCow for vegetarian eateries in any place I travel to and I try to find local guesthouses to stay in too.


Out of all the things you need to do to travel, which one do you like the least?

Packing. I dislike packing. I love reading, researching, planning, but packing really bores me. I don’t want to carry anything really but I know realistically there are a lot of things that I’m going to need on the road, so packing is essential of course. Sigh.


Do you have a favourite city?

There are so many incredible cities in the world but Barcelona is one that has really stayed in my mind. The vibrant colours of the buildings and the markets, all of Gaudi’s amazing architecture, and Spanish wine. Mmm.


Do you have a favourite country?

Right now, Taiwan is still my favourite country. No where else in the world have I meet a people so friendly and welcoming to the extent that they go out of their way to help you. During my year living in Taiwan, I was constantly touched by the unconditional kindness and generosity of the Taiwanese people, and loved my time travelling around the beautiful little island.


Who is (are) your inspiration in the travel world?

I’m inspired by a lot of different people for different things, but I would say Agness from eTramping is my main inspiration. Not only is she super lovely but she runs an excellent blog with regular, fun content, she travels on a super tight budget and I have never commented on a blog post that Agness hasn’t already read and commented on first! All that and she’s still managing to study and write great eBooks. I admire her ability to be, well, super woman, when it comes to travel! She’s dedicated, hardworking and just goes for it – I admire that a lot.

Charlie in Poland

Charlie in Poland


What travel blog(s) do you read?

I read quite a few travel blogs, but my firm favourites are AngloItalian and The Culture Map. They are run by three incredible travel bloggers who not only love their travels, but they care about the world around them and discuss it very eloquently in their writing. I’m also a regular reader of the Right Tourism blog, which has very informative posts on responsible tourism.


How can you followers or people interested in you connect with you?






Interview With Travel Blogger Elena Prokopets

Elena in France

Elena in France

Give us your full name please.

Elena Prokopets


Do you have a preferred name or a nick name you like?

Nope. Simply, Elena is fine.


What nationality are you?



Which country do you use as your base?

Currently, I’m an expat in France and spend most of my time in Besancon, unless I’m not traveling.


Which country would you like to live?

Frankly, I just don’t know! I’m extremely fond of the French lifestyle and food (and wine of course!), however I don’t think I’ll stay in France for the rest of my life.

I think I really need to see more of the world and live in a few more countries before I can answer that question : )


What is your favorite way of travelling?

With a suitcase that can fit on board (even for 1+ trips), slowly eating my way around the country. I’d say I’m more of a budget traveler, though I will definitely splurge for adventurous activities and food.


What is your take on travelling and sustainability?

I always learn of the local customs first before traveling to a certain destination, especially a remote one. Absolutely socially acceptable things in the Western world, may offend people of the East and South. Besides, dressing appropriately especially for women is important if you would like to make friends with the local and avoid unnecessary attention.

I always buy local food and products, opting for street markets instead of supermarket chains to support local manufactures.


When was the first time you travelled alone and where to?

When I was sixteen with my friends to Bulgaria. It was more like an endless party, than actually traveling, though I did saw some beautiful sights of Varna and gorgeous Old City center of Nesebar.


What did you make of your first solo travel experience?

If talking about my teeny trip, not much J Probably, only that it’s worth parting less and explore more. But I came to that point a few years after.


What is you most memorable travel experience and what made is so memorable?

Definitely, getting lost in the jungles! That story happened last year in Indonesia at a tiny islet of Kadidiri, Togian Islands – a paradise-like islands, in around 14 hour very ride from Central Sulawesi coast.

There’s no wi-fi, electricity in day time, cell-phone recipient or ATMs on the island, yet you’d hardly feel bored with so many amazing diving and snorkeling spots, indigenous people settlings, jaw-dropping beaches, volcanoes, deserted islands and the jungles of course.

This story is somewhat silly, as my friends and I went tracking to the jungles in midafternoon (it gets dark on the Equator at 6 pm), without a torch, guide and dressed completely inappropriate. The path was muddy, twisted and all covered in deep tropical vegetation, so no wonder we got lost on our way back to the homestay.

Four hours of wanderings through the thicket brought us nowhere and we’ve decided to camp for the night at a small clearing. Luckily, in a few more hours people from the homestay found us and brought back home.

Lessons learned:

  • Did you know that coconut coir works great for kindling fire? (in case you have a lighter, of course)
  • Mobile phones
  • When you track the jungles wear long sleeves and pants or you’ll end up with terrible cuts.
  • Always, always take a torch with you!


What countries have you been to?

Apart from Ukraine and France: Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Russia, Romania, Turkey, Egypt, Japan, India and Indonesia. Listed in no specific order.

Amritsar India

Amritsar India


What country are you looking forward to visiting the most?

Myanmar. Sunrise over Bagan temples, floating down the Irrawaddy River and Inle lake sceneries have been captivating my mind for quite a while.

The Philippines come next on my list as I’d love to learn surfing and Siargaoisland looks like a perfect place to do it! Besides, pinoy people I’ve met so far are extremely friendly and hospitable, so I’d love to make new friends and explore the country in a local way.


What do you enjoy most about travelling?

This sense of discovery bursting inside you with each new step you take. I’ve found the most amazing places when taking wrong turns and leaving the maps aside.

Discovering new traditions, languages, lifestyles, customs and even foods – that what makes me want to travel even more!


How do you prepare for a new travel experience?

  • Search for food recommendations and nice (a.k.a budget-friendly, yet serving yummy local food) to try.
  • Write all the address of places I’d like to visit, hotels and cafes to my travel notebook. (You never know when your phone battery will die).
  • Make sure I took a solar charger for my tablet and phone.
  • Re-check what I’ve packed to my suitcase and take away at 30% of clothes that most probably I won’t wear more than once.
  • Bug fellow travelers online with questions I have about the destination and a few personal recommendations J


Out of all the things you need to do to travel, which one do you like the least?

Visas. Being a second world country traveler some days is complicated; I can’t show up at the airport, get my passport stamped and roam around Europe or the UK for 90 days. Instead, I have to keep all my papers in order, have a legitimate job, solid bank account and so on…

Sometimes, I get really tired of this endless paperwork to be made prior my travels.

However, there are a lot of legitimate ways to travel long-term around Europe, Canada, US or Australia like educational programs, internships, volunteering and many more.

If you ever feel discouraged from travels due to visa requirements, just search for other options to obtain it or visa-free regions for your nationality.

Swiss meadows

Swiss meadows


Do you have a favorite city?

The more I travel, the harder it gets to choose a “favorite” something. So, I’ll name Kyiv ‘cause it’s my hometown J


Do you have a favorite country?

Well, I’d say India will always have a very special place in my heart. A dazzling land of controversies, cultures, languages and religions blended together into India’s unique allure. You’ll either love India, or hate it (or both at the same time :D), but it won’t leave you indifferent for sure!


Who is (are) you inspiration in the travel world?

Anna and Maria – two Ukrainian girls who’ve set on a rtw trip with just 2.000$ in their pockets. They’ve hitchhiked most of their road, got two free ship rides and even one free plane ride (!!!) and ain’tno stopping on that.

Probably, the most reckless and inspiring your adventures I’ve ever heard of.


What travel blog(s) do you follow and why?

My Feedly feed has quite a lot of blogs listed, that I’ve recently grouped in the next lists:

  • Fellow French expat blogs. Those are people I can highly relate too and get an advise or talk over a rant, or just share the same musings J
  • Expat and lifestyle blogs. Non-French based. I love getting to know more about certain destinations from an expat perspective. Usually, they notice more amazing small things that a local may not pay attention to. Oh, and I love various cultural quirks and language-related things that you come across as an expat.
  • Europe travel blogs: rather self-explanatory I guess.
  • Backpacker blogs: people who nailed the art of being frugal, but not cheap.
  • Misc: blogs I’ve couldn’t include into any other category, but I still love reading them a lot for numerous reasons.


In general, I will read and follow a certain blog if:

  1. I can relate to the author’s story in some way
  2. I think that’s the type of person I would make friends with in real life
  3. the blog isn’t boring with endless top-10 lists or all sponsored posts, hotels reviews or other type of boring content lacking the author’s personal voice.


How can you followers or people interested in you connect with you?




Google +