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Peru and Bolivia trip
Hi everyone!I am planning a trip in Peru(Cuzco, Machupichu) and Bolivia(Tiwanaku).This is a trip pla...
Romeo Apr 11 '16
Italy, april
Hello!I'm planning to visit Italy first time. I will be glad to walk around the city together with n...
Xenta Apr 9 '16
Life Under Sail: Georgia winter event
The purpouse of our trip is dating & traveling. In our travel we will: dancing, skiing & sn...
AlexLUS Jan 10 '16
Just trip
Wanna go to a trip. Maybe for a week. I don't know the place yet, so you can advice(just to go alone...
Nike Free run no:kfub
另一隻卻熬過了不少風風雨雨,最終依然存活下來,成為一隻美麗的大蝴蝶,因為 Nike Air Max 在弄破繭的過程中,已經得到了一副強壯的身軀。對於醉藍藍,也是這樣, nike free 若真的成為暴...
mtqslupio Oct 28 '15
Genuine travel companion
Hi all,Starting part 2 of my journey in north India from September 28 onwards. Still many good place...
harshitk Sep 28 '15
Wanna explore Cabarete(Puerto Plata, Dominican rep)
I wanna explore  beaches and diving practice there soon!
Romeo Sep 14 '15
Wanna travel to Australia
seeking friends to travel around aussie land
shalini Sep 7 '15
wanna go to Mallorca if possible need some friends for 1-2 days for a walk and chill out
juliak Aug 26 '15
Going to have some fun in Amsterdam but am going alone. Would be great to meet up with some people t...
garyo Aug 1 '15
Soon Visiting Germany
I will be coming to germany in may and will be there till the 1st week of june... hope to be visitin...
Sumantra May 28 '15
Explore London Soon
The next destination I plan is London .It's the arts and history that attracts me the most. There...
cindyr Oct 4 '14
Visiting Canada
Whether you are going to Washington, Quebec, Niagara Falls, or for a day of skiing to Snow Valley...
cindyr Oct 4 '14
Visiting Dubai
Visiting Dubai
mihaip Aug 1 '14
Dubai soon
Who will be der?
diamond_777 Jul 29 '14

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