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The world of dating is a huge and exciting place. There are many ways of going about finding yourself a significant other, and as many different things to do while doing so: you could try putting an ad in a local paper, setting up an account with a dating website, or just heading down to your local pub for a drink, but for some people this is not enough. Some people need or just want excitement and adventure outside the norm and for those people there is Travel Dating.Travel Dating is an exciting and unpredictable means of seeing the world and meeting new people. In short, you and a prospective partner arrange to meet up and explore a new city/country/continent without any prior meeting. It’s a holiday and an extended date all rolled into one! One of the many popular destinations for a first-time travel date is London.

Where to meet a travel buddy in London

Primarily, it is always important to make sure your primary meeting location is somewhere open and public. This is not to say that all strangers are dangerous, but meeting someone you’ve met online for the first time is a risky activity, so it is always best to do so in a place where few things can go wrong. When it comes to a city like London, the most open and crowded – not to mention easiest to find – locations will be the larger tourist locations: Windsor Castle, Leicester Square, the base of the London Eye. All these places fit these criteria, and also offer you a quick-start to your adventure by putting you on the path of exploring the city.

Depending on your preference, London offers a good variety of hotels and hostels. Typically, any traveller worth his or her salt will choose a hostel to stay in, as this offers both a social aspect to accommodation, as well as a cheaper, shared service. However, since the intention of a travel date (besides seeing the world) is to forge an emotional bond with your partner, so, if funding allows, getting a hotel will allow for a more private and intimate sleeping arrangement. When choosing for locality, many good hostels can be found in the King’s Cross area, giving you easy access to Camden and St Pauls. Alternatively, Paddington and Earl’s Court will situate you well.

Good Places to Visit in London

The most important aspect of a trip to a new place is finding what you want to see. There are countless travel guides that will offer you detailed maps and information regarding London’s various museums, landmarks and attractions, but the basic list is fairly self-explanatory. Use your time before you leave or on your first night together to plot out a basic itinerary that will fulfil both of your wishes in terms of seeing everything you want and use London’s Travel Planner website or the Route Planner mobile phone app to help organise your transportation.

Beyond this, all that remains is to meet up with your travel partner and see what happens. Travel offers many opportunities for romantic moments: night-time walks through popular places, meals in restaurants and just the thrill of getting lost can all aid in forging an unbreakable bond between two strangers in a strange land.


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One very exciting thing about living in London is that I don't have to travel around the world to meet people from the rest of the globe. I just sit back and let them come to me. They share their stories with me; I share stories about London with them and I show them my favourite parts of London. It's a win win arrangement for all concerned.

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