Travel Friendz is the Gateway to the World

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Travel Friendz - Gateway to the world

Travel Friendz – Gateway to the world

A new travel website which has an emphasis on friendship and dating acts as an online portal to meet people from all over the world. The fast growing European social network site is a unique gateway to the globe; allowing people from different countries and cultures to connect for friendships, relationships or holiday meet-ups and tour guide services.

Travel Friendz is a niche online dating website, where people across the world can connect for free and meet up with other people who possess a passion for travel. The website was founded by a traveller, who realised there was a gap in the market for long term travellers looking for serious or one-off hook-ups.

Temi Odurine, founder of Travel Friendz says, “It is no secret or mystery that although solo travel has a wealth of benefits, everyone experiences loneliness at some point along the way. I wanted to help overcome this problem for long term travellers and where better to start than online? The internet is a tool that travellers and backpackers can utilise to find a travel partner, friend or romantic companion on their journey.”

The social network is designed specifically for these single travellers, and helps connect people with a shared passion to set up one off dates on a trip or commit to longer journeys or travel plans. However, the site is a device that anyone can use, whether or not they are travelling and whether or not they are looking for love. “Other people across Europe who aren’t travelling can also join the site to show tourists around their city; we understand that many people simply enjoy meeting new people from a variety of different cultures and walks of life,” Temi added. “Some individuals are patriotic or proud of where they live and take pleasure in hosting visitors and showing them the best of their city or town.”

Although the travel network has an emphasis on travel dating, offers much more than a regular dating website. The social network also features many pages of helpful advice for travellers, such as expert travel advice and helpful tips from the well travelled team behind Travel Friendz. Members can also post details of any upcoming trips they are planning, to ask advice from the wealth of travel buffs or advertise for the type of travel companion they are seeking.

Travel Friendz is an absolutely free service for anyone who needs some companionship and interaction on their travels; whether you just want a night out in a European city or to share the cost of a car for a road trip. It is also a useful platform for finding a tour guide for your upcoming European city break; this is much more effective than doing time consuming research beforehand or buying an expensive guidebook, as travellers can personally interact with locals and make new friends at their travel destination.

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