How Far Can $1 Get You On a Train In Europe

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Finding cheap train tickets in Europe is not difficult as there are various destinations you can travel to for just a few bucks. You will need to do your homework on trying to find really low $1 dollar rates. There is an option that lets travelers ride the train for a dollar (or Euro as it is referred to in Europe), but it often depends on where you are traveling to and from. The following details will help you get an idea on how to find really low train fares in Europe.


Can You Really Travel on a Train in Europe for Just $1?

In the Lithuania region you can take a train from the airport and ride into the Vilnius City Center where you can view beautiful sites including a castle and scenic water views. On the other hand, there are various things you can get for $1 through Europe including a baguette in France, a scoop of ice cream in Croatia, a glass of wine in Hungary and a slice of pizza in Romania. Do your research to learn more on what a dollar will get you, as you can get plenty for your buck.

Tips on Finding Affordable Train Tickets in Europe

Depending on where you want to travel you can learn about options available when you plan ahead. No matter what time of year you plan to visit Europe and ride the train you can a number of deals and discounts that include low price tickets. Here are several tips to help you grab those tickets.

  • Visit European travel websites to help you. Shop around for deals and compare. Comparing deals cannot be stressed enough. This is important because where you travel to in Europe may offer lower rates depending on when you visit and the rail company promotional offers. There are a number of railway companies throughout Europe that offer super low discounts and deals. You can find great discounts of more than 50 percent off regular price. Many deals are found for routes such as Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam.
  • If you are new to this idea you may want to take some notes and research European railway networks. From here you can consider booking agents and websites known to offer train tickets for European destinations. Learn feedback from previous travelers on their experience in booking train tickets and riding trains in the destination you want to visit. In many cases you learn valuable tips on finding cheap train tickets in Europe. Just keep in mind, rail way companies throughout the country want to have full trains, so they often provide tickets at deep discounts.
  • Just because you speak a different language or live outside of Europe doesn’t mean you can’t find a great deal.    There is European, American and British travel sites, for example, that offer discounted tickets and tips on how to find cheap tickets for your destination area. You can start with travel booking sites from your original place of origin. So, if you are American you can start with American booking sites. Take note of few deals you come across you like, and then move on to another booking site in Europe or the UK.
  • Need a ticket at the last minute? You can find that too! It is a matter of knowing which booking sites to use that offer great last minute deals for train tickets throughout Europe. This is because many railway companies look to fill seats on their trains all the time. There are rail networks throughout Europe constantly offering deep discounts.
  • Book tickets outside of Europe or use European rail operator websites. Just be cautious as to how you book your tickets and read find print details including refund policies and pre-booking details. You may need to compare options as to which way is best to book your tickets in order to see better savings.
  • Know the timing of your train ride or when you expect to take it. You can visit the website of the rail journey for the train you will ride in Europe. For instance, you can learn schedule details for the Deutsche Bahn German rail line.
  • Certain channels may be more of a challenge to book depending on where you are traveling from. London. Paris and other nearby locations may not have the option to make overnight train reservations depending on the booking agent you use. You may not have the option to receive tickets in the mail either, but again, this depends on the booking agent or travel website you use. You may be able to catch a train in France and stop off in Paris to pick up tickets for future rides.
  • When seeking great discount tickets in Europe, consider destinations outside common options. You can review train ticket information for places including Vienna, Rome, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Barcelona and others that are beyond the top tourist destinations.

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