Travelling Solo, Want to Shun Loneliness? Join Travel Friends

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Shun loneliness , join Travel Friendz

Shun loneliness, travel with a friend

Welcome wanderers to our first ever newsletter, featuring the secret of avoiding loneliness on the road – signing up to Travel Friendz!

Gateway to the World

Do you love long term travel? Whether you’re a backpacker, flashpacker, lady of leisure who wishes to see the world or you have a serious case of wanderlust, Travel Friendz can help. We’re the fastest growing social network site to help find fellow nomads for friendship and more!

Travelling solo can be an amazing experience, and we certainly recommend it – but every single traveller can feel a pang of loneliness now and again. These days many people like to travel alone to enjoy the utter freedom it gives and the rewarding journey of self discovery. Of course you will meet people along the way to socialise with, whether its locals or people at different stages of their journey; but at other times you will struggle to find people who speak your language or can connect with. As a member of Travel Friendz, you can find a travel companion guaranteed to share your interests before you even arrive at your next destination. 

Are you sick of travelling alone and want to find a serious travel chum? Do you just want someone to accompany you on a 2 day expedition into the wilderness? Maybe you just need a friend to go out with for 1 night? Need to fill a car journey to cut costs? Search all our members and upcoming trips on the website to find whatever kind of travel companion you are seeking.

Looking for Love?
Travel Friendz also acts as a dating website, helping you find love on the road! When loneliness creeps in and you’re travelling alone, it can be really tough to find a romantic acquaintance on your adventure. Travel Friendz connects individuals with a shared passion from across the globe, setting the wheels in motion for further hook-ups, dates or serious relationships.

If you’re planning an upcoming trip what are you waiting for? Sign up today! Travel Friendz will help you find platonic or romantic relationships to make your journey much more fun and memorable. The website also features travel safety tips to keep you safe in a foreign country and when meeting up with strangers.

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Happy Travels!

The Travel Friendz Team

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