Travel & Holidays The Antidote to Danish Population Crisis – Travel agency Spies

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According to a Danish travel agency called Spies, the best way to reverse the decline in Danish population is for couples to travel and go on more holidays.

Well, naturally you will expect a travel company to want people to go on more holidays so that they can make more money, but how will that help reverse the population decline?. According to the video, people have more sex while on holiday than when at home.

Spies uses a woman called Emma, as a case study to support its argument that increase in travel could reverse Denmark’s population decline. Emma was said to have been conceived in Paris 30 years ago, when her parents were on holiday in the French capital.

The video which you can watch above, claimed that 10% of Danish children were conceived while their parents were on holiday or travelling. An expert added to the gravitas of their claim by saying that couples get friskier and have more sex while on holiday because they see each other in light.

The excitement of seeing your partner in new light creates endorphin rush which increased the desire to have sex.

The video went on to give some stats which includes the claim that Danes have 46% more sex on holiday.

Its a tongue-in-cheek video but its a great.

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