Leading Indian Travel Bloggers & What Make Them Tick

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Following the success of our previous two travel bloggers roundups, we have just put a new travel bloggers roundup together. This time, focusing the spotlight on leading Indian travel bloggers.

The bloggers featured in this roundup are creme dela creme of travel blogging in Indian, most or them are authoritative in the segment of the travel industry they blog about.

We like to thank each and every one of them for finding the time to help up compile this roundup.

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But we received comments from Indian travel bloggers who would like to be included into our roundup too. Since there were few such offers, we decided to create another post but this time only about Indian travel bloggers. When I started working on the post I thought that it would be difficult to get enough of responses because there are not many popular travel bloggers from India. To be honest I was very surprised with the result and we received much more answers than expected.

The question I asked was “What Do You Like The Most Being A Travel Blogger”.

Here are our roundup participants:


Siddhartha Joshi

Siddhartha Joshi   www.siddharthajoshi.com

To me the best thing about being a travel blogger is bringing out stories of people and places to my readers. I love tales – traveling allows me to hear and experience some really amazing ones, while blogging gives me am opportunity to share them with the world. I feel since I have become a travel blogger, I seek more stories, ask more questions and am generally more inquisitive and curious. In a way this also makes traveling more a fulfilling experience for me.



Mariellen Ward   breathedreamgo.com

I became a travel blogger by accident. In 2005, I left on a personal pilgrimage to India to recover from loss and depression. I travelled for six months, from one end of the subcontinent to the other. I had never been on a trip like this before, never been to India before. It was like throwing myself off a cliff.

But it all worked out amazingly well. I fell in love with India — the people, the culture, the landscape — and felt an uncanny affinity for the place I have never felt anywhere else. Looking back, I describe that trip as a magic carpet ride.

It truly was life-changing in all the ways people say travel — especially travel in India — is. I recovered from my depression, found a new family and a new home, and felt inspired to finally start becoming the writer I always wanted to be. As I was planning the trip, I started a blog for family and friends on a shared travel blogging platform. I blogged religiously twice a week during the entire six months. It was meant as an add-on to my trip and became a focal point.

Slowly, that initial blog morphed into a career change and I became a travel writer. And then in 2009, I launched Breathedreamgo.com, my professional travel blog, which is largely about travel in India.

The passion I have for travel in India, for being a seeker, for trying to master the art of travel writing — it is these things that drive my life as a travel blogger. I feel sharing my love for the beauty and wisdom of India is my dharma. That’s what I love about being a travel blogger.


Arti S

Arti S   www.myyatradiary.com

It’s liberating and powerful, also humbling at the same time. This feeling is what I love best being a travel blogger. It’s been liberating because it’s given me a platform where my experiences have shed their rawness to enrich my travels with a lot of thought and a bit more meaning. Writing about my journeys has helped add more depth and character to my travels. In that sense, travel blogging is something that make my travels complete. At the same time, it’s also humbling because it’s been an out of the world feeling to just realize how a simple act of sharing my journeys could have had a profound impact on the people reading it. Most importantly, it’s helped me to slow down and connect with people which in turn has helped me come closer to myself and that I think has been my ultimate gift of being a travel blogger.


Puru Ekta

Puru Ekta   www.shadowsgalore.com

Shadows Galore is our way of sharing our experiences with the world. The joy of travelling to new places, planning the trip to an unknown land, meeting different people and understanding their culture and history is all that makes it worth the effort. The encouragement that we receive from our friends and followers is what keeps us going. The ability to be able to answer a travel question for someone about a place you have visited adds a purpose to our trips. Just makes you feel accomplished!!


Anuradha Goyal

Anuradha Goyal   anuradhagoyal.blogspot.com

Travel builds trust in the human communities. It is very difficult to hate people whom you have visited and vice versa. To me the biggest return on travel as a community is building trust. It is the best way to take the humanity forward by learning from each other, by appreciating the diversity and similarities between us and by learning to love people unlike us.


Mridula Dwivedi   traveltalesfromindia.in

When I started travel blogging in 2005 most of the people in India would invariably ask, “so who reads your blog?” Those days, I guess, are gone for good. For me the most fun has been getting invited to travel both in India and abroad so that I could blog about it. I mean, if I travel anyway I blog about it, now isn’t it wonderful that someone invites me to travel! I get to see the world and I get to blog about it oo. In 2005 I didn’t even dream this is what I would get to do, just because I started a blog! By the way I still have not quit my day job, I am a professor at a private college in Gurgaon.

People who read my blog are the best, they have always encouraged me and have had kind words for me. Same is true for my Facebook friends. My readers/friends are the best!

Anuradha Shankar

Anuradha Shankar   anushankarn.blogspot.com

Travel blogging isn’t really a job for me, but an opportunity to share with people, all the wonderful experiences I have had. It has encouraged me to travel more, and when I can’t travel, to explore my own city! Blogging has also had an impact on the way I look at places I visit, and the stories I now look for. I have made some incredible friends too, which would never have been possible otherwise. However, the best thing about blogging is the feeling I get when someone I meet remarks “Oh, I read your blog! You write so well, and your information helped me plan my trip!”


Lakshmi Sharath

Lakshmi Sharath   www.lakshmisharath.com

When I started my travel blog, nine years ago, little did I know that it would be the reason for me to quit my 15 year old career in media . And till date, I have loved every moment of it. Whenever I travel, I feel like a child, looking at the world with awe and feeling very excited with simple discoveries. And I share this excitement on the blog through my stories and experiences.

Travelling and blogging have become a way of life now. The blog has brought me several accolades and opportunities. I have travelled to several countries on invitation and met so many friends from around the world.In India, travel blogging is still very nascent for professionals, but I am sure that it will change soon.

But the best thing about travel blogging is when readers connect with you, appreciate you over a comment, thank me for sharing my experiences with them. That is absolutely priceless.


Aruan Bhat

Arun Bhat   travel.paintedstork.com/blog

One of the greatest thing about being a travel blogger is the way it becomes an agent for connecting with people with similar mindset. It has helped me meet travellers who share similar ideas, experts in the field and every kind of people to whom travelling means a lot. The interactions fuel learning about new things and places from faraway.

Another great thing about travel blogging is that it opens doors to many possibilities. Blogging was a small beginning that eventually helped me build a strong audience, which in turn permitted me to quit my day-job, start my own venture and in turn spend more time travelling.



Ruchika Vyas  www.travellerstories.com

‘The best part of being a travel blogger is that it gives you the opportunity to reach out to hundreds of people across the world and touch their lives in a tiny little way through the stories I share. Blogging has not only helped me make many new friends from across the world, it has also become a window to showcasing my country. Through my stories and photographs I can share with the world the culture and heritage my country holds. In addition, it lets me motivate people to travel to places they have wanted to, but didn’t think of visiting for numerous reasons. Being able to inspire even one person to travel and see the world gives you satisfaction nothing else can.


Shrinidhi Hande

Shrinidhi Hande   www.enidhi.net

I enjoy being a traveler, whenever I get to travel. Travel blogging comes as an outcome of it and not the other way round. I have an otherwise rather routine life-I don’t smoke/drink/party etc and have a day job to cater to. So whenever I get to take a break and travel, it is a way of re-energizing myself, exploring the unseen and meeting new people. Of course I also enjoy sharing my thoughts, photos and videos with my blog readers. A saying in Kannada goes like this: “we should either read all books or travel the world to gain knowledge”. I am trying the later.


Mirt Friend

Bhushavali   travel.bhushavali.com

The best I like being a travel blogger, is I think somewhere in course of time after I started blogging, ‘blogging coz of travelling’ became ‘travelling coz of blogging’. I now keep travelling a bit often, sometimes just coz I want to blog about it!!! I generally make a post every week or 3 in 2 weeks. If I don’t blog continuously for 2 weeks or so, I start getting mails for readers what happened for me!!! I love that concern. The mails and comments that I get, appreciating me for writing about a place that someone wanted to visit or wanted info about, keeps me going. And of course being listed in top blogger listings or being featured somewhere is always an amazing, awesome feeling!!!

tanu anand

Tanu Anand   tanuanand.com

Having born to parents with itchy feet and a love for travel, I started travelling at a tender age of 4 and caught on the travel bug pretty early in life. By the time I hit adulthood, I had already travelled the length and breadth of India. In my 20s, having all that experience in my bag, I began spending a lot of my time daydreaming about destinations and making travel itineraries for myself. Believe it or not, that is my favourite thing to do.

Travel is sort of my life now. The best thing that I love about being a travel blogger is telling a ‘local’s story’ – be it through photos or words. Whenever I travel, I make it a point to look up local recommendations instead of jostling with fellow tourists for space at the famous landmarks. Sometimes you find the heart and soul of the city in its not-so famous places. And so weaving a story around the city’s culture, its food, its air and its people would be my favourite part. Another part would be that it has introduced me to planmy.travel, which is an online space for people to contact ‘Travel Ninjas’ and get customised itineraries made. I am a Travel Ninja now and living that dream of making travel itineraries for people, what I love doing the most! This is where you can find me – http://planmy.travel/index.php?route=tninja/profile/29



As you may have noticed if you read the previous travel bloggers roundups, there is very little difference between what gives Indian travel bloggers job satisfaction and their US and UK counterparts, they all cited having their own schedule and the opportunity to travel as what giving the most job satisfaction.

This is Travel Frindz’s third travel roundup. If you have something interesting you think we should create a roundup about, we would be pleased to hear from you. Please contact us.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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I am relatively new to blogging about travel, however I have been passionate about travelling for as long as I can remember. As one of the principal travel blogger for Travel Friendz, I am constantly learning more and more about travelling and journeying through exciting exotic places that I am yet to visit in person, but through researching them for travel articles and posts, I have learn a lot about. I hope you find some of my articles and blogs interesting and informative.

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