Find Out What Top Travel Bloggers Love About Their Job – Part 2

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Travel Friendz blog section is relatively new, the two principal bloggers, Temi Odurinde and Evgeniy Garkaviy, are also, relatively new to Travel Blogging. To learn and perfect our travel blogging skills, we have been reading leading travel blogs and talking to top travel bloggers. We find it amazing that travel bloggers seems to be one of the most friendly bloggers on the planet, giving how approachable and helpful they are.

This made us conclusion that, they must have great job satisfaction, hence our first article about what travel bloggers love most about travel blogging.

After the first article, we received more materials from the travel blogging community – this follow on article was born! We hope you enjoy reading it. If you are a travel blogger and you are yet to contribute to either of our two articles, please feel free to contact us. We would love to feature you on this article or a follow on we may write in the future.

I will like to use this opportunity to thank all of you who took the time to contribute to this article.

Top Bloggers on What They Love Most about Travel Blogging

Audrey Scott audrey_scott

What we like best about being a travel blogger is the opportunity to share stories and experiences about new places and cultures with people beyond our immediate family and friends. These stories might change their perceptions on how they think about a place, thereby spurring curiosity about other parts of the world rather than thinking that place is dangerous. The more we can exchange fear for curiosity, the more we have chance for peaceful engagements.

Marie-Eve Vallières marie-eve

I love being a travel blogger because ever since I started traveling at age 19 I’ve been on a mission to help people travel too. I truly believe that going on a trip is the best gift you can give yourself, on so many levels – culture, adventure, personal journeys and amazing experiences. My favorite part of blogging is reading my follower’s emails saying that I’ve inspired them to travel there or there, or asking for tips on how to do it. This really is the whole point of travel blogging: inspiring, helping and encouraging people to travel.

Paul Johnson paul johnson

I like the amazing opportunities that being a travel blogger brings.  In the last year or so I’ve travelled right across Nepal as part of an expedition with Land Rover, flown in a helicopter over Trakai in Lithuania, been wine tasting in the Constantia winelands near Cape Town, attended an international luxury travel conference in Shanghai, been island hopping / mountain biking across a number of islands in Scotland, and I am just back from trialling the new BMW X4 on a sightseeing tour of Berlin. Next week I am going back to South Africa to go on a safari as part of my work for a luxury travel company back in the UK. Every day is different and being a professional travel blogger opens up so many exciting possibilities.

Neil Barnes neil barnes

The nerdy me wants to tell you its the technology I come into contact with on a regular basis – WordPress, SEO, video, social media, travel apps, photography … I get a massive buzz out of all of them.  Obviously I love writing, but managing the tech side of a travel blog alongside my scribbles is something I love dearly.

However, I’m unsure that everyone will share my love of technology and thats fair enough, so I shall give you another reason as to why I love being a travel blogger – people.  Whether its a new facebook fan, follower on twitter, someone leaving a comment on my blog or a new friend made at a networking event, travel blogging has opened doors to so many new people, and my life is much richer for meeting all of them.


Caz and Craig car craig

I love that part of my job is inspiring and helping people travel more. Sometimes I think it’s about all the amazing travel I get to do because of my job, but then someone will tell me how we inspired them to follow their travel dreams and their lives have been so amazing because of it, and I’m touched beyond words.

That’s the best feeling in the world and I’m always surprised that by following what I love I can help others to change their lives in an empowering way.


Flora Baker flora baker

I think I enjoy the relationship with my readers the most – it’s really rewarding to get an email from someone who wants help with where to go and what to do in a country, and when they’ve decided to visit that place simply because they read your article is a real morale booster.


Cameron Wears cameron wears

The thing we like most about travel blogging is that it forces us to tap into our creative side. Of course, experiencing new destinations plays a big role in our desire to manage our travel blogs, but what keeps us motivated is the feeling of pride we get when we click “publish”. We are always trying to improve and get better at our craft, whether it’s writing a story, capturing a photo, or sharing content on our social channels. As cliche as it sounds, it’s more about the creative journey than the end result.

Melvin travel dudes

The best about being a professional travel blogger is that my office could be anywhere in the world, as long I got stable and hopefully also quick internet.

That gives you the chance to see the world. But as it’s not a hobby, but a full time job, you always work more than in a regular job. It’s just nice that one day you could have a coffee break in Cape Town and a week later in Berlin. And then part of the job is also to experience the destination and to share your impressions and tips with others. I’m always happy about the feedback I get and that I could help other travelers with tips, but also inspired to travel to a specific destination, which was not on their list yet.

For me there couldn’t be a better job.


Bret Love & Mary Gabbett bret mary

Our favorite thing about being travel bloggers is the opportunity to explore the world’s off-the-beaten-path ecotourism destinations, spending time getting to know the local people and their cultural traditions, and sharing those stories with our readers in an emotionally resonant way. We’re really passionate in our belief that sustainable, responsible travel can help change the world for the better. And we love knowing that our stories, photos and videos can help inform and inspire other travelers to explore the world in a more conscious way that treasures the concepts on conservation and preservation. For us, that’s a dream come true!


Michael Hodson michael hodson

The thing I like the most about being a travel blogger is that it allows me to do what I want to do, on my own schedule. Being able to make a living (though not a great one) while traveling around, seeing some of the great places in the world that I’ve always wanted to see, and meeting some of the greatest people in the world has been the best. There are plenty of bad things about my job that people rarely think about, but I wouldn’t trade the freedom for anything.


Cez Krol caz crol

It is difficult to pin down only one thing that I love most about being a travel blogger. Since I started in 2011, my life is so different to what it was before, and all for the better.

I guess, ability to help countless people around the world is the thing I like the most. From the time when our blog (I’m writing it together with Agness – my best friend) took off and got popular our tips and mini travel guides, on how to travel for less than $25 a day, influence many people’s travel decisions. We also get a lot of emails on how our travels and writing motivated others to do the same. I never heard of anyone regretting such a decision.

I am also very happy that eTramping is for many people a travel blogging benchmark. So much so, we decided to write a book on how to start travel blogging and take it to the next level. The book is called Travel Blogging: Build Audience, Improve Rankings and Earn Money.


Chris Christensen Chris Christensen

The travel is the obvious answer, but what I like second best are the many many travel stories people have shared with me over the 9 years I have done the Amateur Traveler podcast. I am able to travel vicariously through them even on weeks I am at home.

Ryan Biddulph  ryan biddulph

I am more of a “blogging tips” themed blogger who travels, but I really enjoy being free, and inspiring folks to retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.. I enjoy helping travel bloggers become full-time pro bloggers, so they don’t need to return home, to work, to boost their travel savings.

I’m really big on being free. I mean, 5 years ago I was looking out on Newark Bay, in New Jersey, during my days as a security guard, thinking about the *5 days of vacation time I received each year*. Now, I’m typing these words from Savusavu, Fiji, loving my time here, looking forward to our Bali trip in 2 months, and enjoying the heck out of inspiring others to mimic my lifestyle, through pro blogging. 40 months after my first international flight from NYC to Bali I’m still circling the globe. I just enjoy bringing as many people as possible along for the ride.


Jonny Duncan johny
What I enjoy about travel blogging is that I can communicate with people and hopefully give some advice and help them out. I love getting off the beaten path and always try to encourage others to do the same, so writing and showing photos about those places will hopefully get people inspired.

I’ve always enjoyed photography, and when I travel now I think about readers on my blog and try to get the best pictures to display. It makes me feel like I am out on assignment. Blogging makes me discover more about where I am in order to share that information with everyone else.

Beth Williams beth williams

What I like most about being a travel blogger is being able to meet new people and interact with cultures outside my own. I think it’s so important to facilitate cultural understanding and respect, and travel is the perfect way to initiate that. So many people are afraid to travel and break out of their comfort zone. It feels extremely rewarding whenever one of my readers writes to me saying that I’ve empowered them to travel or have helped them in some way.

It really is the best job!


Reading between the lines, the theme of freedom to work to their own schedule is one of the things that gives top travel bloggers we spoke to great job satisfaction.

New discoveries in places they visit seem to spur them on to travel even more.

If you are a travel blogger and would like to participate in this roundup or in our next roundups, please leave a comment on this post or contact us.

Evgeniy Garkaviy About Evgeniy Garkaviy
I am relatively new to blogging about travel, however I have been passionate about travelling for as long as I can remember. As one of the principal travel blogger for Travel Friendz, I am constantly learning more and more about travelling and journeying through exciting exotic places that I am yet to visit in person, but through researching them for travel articles and posts, I have learn a lot about. I hope you find some of my articles and blogs interesting and informative.

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