Cheaper Accommodation in London – peer-to-peer letting to the rescue

Peer-to-peer is one of the most successful Internet business models. It basically eliminate or reduce the influence of the middleman by using technology to match service provider and potential customers. The ability of Peer-to-peer business model to thrive on a much smaller commission than what traditional service providers charges is one of the reasons for its success. Peer-to-peer model has been applied to many traditional businesses successfully, from lending to bulk buying. One company has recently extended the Peer-to-peer concept into holiday accommodation let, promising to help travellers and visitors to London find rooms and flat at a cheaper rates than you will otherwise pay for London accommodation found through the traditional ways such as hotels. The company is called . is described as a “collaborative accommodation site, is embracing the sharing economy by partnering with technology based peer-to-peer companies to build a unique network called Kippsy Friends.” The way Kippsy matches accommodation and guest is quite simple. Landlords create an account at the site, upload details and pictures of their property, including availability and rates. Guest looking for accommodation in London browse Kippsy site, finds the accommodation that meet their needs and book. Kippsy claims they offer both business and leisure visitors to London an economic alternative to hotels. Next time you are looking for accommodation in London, you may want to check out their site first:

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